Our Policies

New Clients

Dassle Cleaning Service does not conduct servicing to new clients that have same-day arrivals for their first initial cleaning!!!


Dassle Cleaning Services only accepts credit/debit cards as forms of payment. Credit card information is taken at the time of booking. However, we DO NOT CONDUCT ANY CHARGES AT THE TIME OF BOOKING. A hold will be placed on your account (for authorization) one (1) day, before rendered services in the amount of your total balance. THIS HOLD IS NOT A CHARGE. Your card will be charged after the service has been completed and you will receive an invoice via email once this occurs. Unless otherwise noted, payment information must be collected from all customers and authorized prior to the start of servicing. If your service is canceled, for any reason, this hold will be released within 2-5 days.

Changes from Original Estimates

We offer a quote before entering your property, based on the information shared on the questionnaire or phone consult. We reserve the right to change the estimate and will get your approval before proceeding with the servicing. This course of action will be taken if the actual size or circumstances of your property are not as described or if the package option selected does not coincide with the information you have provided.

Cancellation Policy

We reserve a time and team or team member for each customer. Hosts have 24-48 hours before their service appointment, to make any schedule changes or cancellations. Cancellations made after this time will be charged a cancellation fee of $50.00. There is also no guarantee that there will be availability to accommodate your schedule changes.

Unscheduled Cleaning fee

If you are in need of servicing on an unscheduled cleaning day, there is a charge of $50.00. There is no guarantee there will be availability to  accommodate an unscheduled cleaning into the schedule  for the day. 

Inconvenience Fee

If a Dassle team member commutes to your property to service, however, you have failed to cancel your scheduled servicing customers will be charged a $50.00 inconvenience fee.

Commute Time Policy

Our goal and priority are to always do our best to arrive on time for servicing; however, we ask that host please allow us a 1-hour window to account for traffic, parking, and any other unexpected challenges during a team member’s commute.

Safety Policies

Reaching High Areas – We cannot guarantee we can reach high areas higher than 6′ ft. Due to liability & safety reasons, our team members are not able to climb on ladders or reach high areas.

Moving Large Appliances – We are happy to clean around or underneath your large appliances, however; due to liability reasons our team members are not responsible for moving them. If you’d like this done, we kindly ask that you please move large appliances for us.

Interior Window Cleaning – Window/s should be accessible via a 2-3 step ladder. Due to liability & safety reasons, our team members are not able to climb on ladders to reach high areas.

Stain and Mold Removal

We cannot guarantee the removal of all stains and mold on grout and tile inside the bathroom and kitchen. However, we try our best to address those stained areas as much as possible.

Pet Hair Removal– Pet hair is removed from furnishing at pet-friendly properties however, we do not guarantee that all pet hair will be able to be removed that are embedded into any furnishings on the property.

Maintenance Service- Dassle Cleaning Services does not provide any maintenance servicing (plumbing, any fixing of furniture on the property, changing of batteries on properties digital keypad, changing of filters, changing of fire alarm batteries, etc.)


Upon arrival for servicing if a Dassle team member encounters any pest or if there is an infestation of any kind servicing will immediately be halted. The host will be contacted and notified of the pest or infestation occurring on the premises. Once the property is treated and serviced, cleaning will resume 24-48 hours after treatment.

Host Supplies

Our goal as service providers is to ensure that your property is ready and prepared for your guest’s arrival. To achieve this goal we require that you have all needed supplies (trash bags, laundry detergent, complimentary items for guests, dish pods, dish soap, extra linens, paper towel toilet tissue, sponges, etc) for restocking already on the property. Should the arrival of needed supplies occur during servicing a team member will retrieve the package however, Dassle Cleaning Services does not provide services for supply pick up, commuting to customers’ property to retrieve packages of supplies, or allowing customers to send their supplies to the Dassle Cleaning office. All needed supplies must be on the property upon servicing.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleanings are conducted after any property has an extended stay of 14 days or more.

If a Dassle team member arrives at a property and the property does not meet general cleaning standards after a guest’s stay, the customer will be notified that deep cleaning servicing needs to be rendered. Customers will be provided with photos to present why deep cleaning is required.

Damages to Property

Upon the arrival of servicing, if a Dassle team member notices any damages on to the property, It will immediately be reported to the hosts. Photos will be taken of the damages and sent to the host, to ensure that a claim is filed for the damages in a timely manner.

Left Items

If any items are left by a guest after their stay, a Dassle team member will report them immediately. The host will be contacted to then contact the guest, for them to retrieve their left items. If the items are unable to be retrieved by guests a Dassle team member will place items in a secure location that is expressed by the host. Dassle does not assume responsibility for returning items to guests. It is the full responsibility of the host to ensure that any left items are returned to guests after their stay.